Soli Deo Gloria



With many years experience in business, church and in worship ministry / music I can offer churches, christian organisations and individuals help and advice in two main areas:

1. Worship Development

There are many conferences, courses, seminars and people who do wonderful work with worship teams. A great deal of this is focused on teaching on worship and worship leading. Often, there is not as much focus on practical help for the musicians who support worship or who work with a worship leader. As a musician I have a heart for other musicians in worship and can help individuals and teams. If you would like to discuss how I can assist the development and structure of worship then please me at

2. Strategy Development and Communications

I have worked both for large companies, small companies and churches in senior management positions. I have helped organisations through periods of development and change and I am a specialist in strategy and communications. I currently hold a senior management position in a large active church and I am a Director of United Christian Broadcasters Ireland. If you would like to discuss how I can assist you then please email me at